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Confused about the UNITY/NABJ split? How it happened, what went down, and where we go in the future?

I pulled together a quick round-up of good links from a variety of voices (please note, I’m sure this list is far from complete):

My #1 source for info in following the story of NABJ leading up to the weekend has been Richard Prince’s Journal-isms column. He posted this story Sunday.

AAJA national president Doris Truong pulled together this list of links to the separate statements issued by each of the alliance partners, following the split.

The split was put into context by the New York Times in light of the news from ASNE that while journalism jobs grew slightly in the last year, the ranks of journalists of color declined.

Poynter’s Mallary Tenore got some helpful details and explained the backstory, talking to both UNITY ED Onica Makwakwa and leadership from NABJ and the three remaining alliance partners.

Longtime friend and advocate of all four UNITY groups Joe Grimm wrote about the importance of the UNITY alliance and explained UNITY’s role beyond a convention every four years.

Things got a little confusing when Prince reported that UNITY had granted each alliance president a “veto power.” He later printed a correction, stating this had only been discussed, but not actually voted on.

Wednesday, AAJA president Doris Truong, vice presidents Janet Cho and George Kiriyama and ED Kathy Chow hosted a Town Hall conference call for our members. I live tweeted the call and pulled the tweets (mine and others) together using Storify.

Today, UNITY past-president Rafael Olmeda writes suggesting that UNITY work to offer member-rate convention registration to NABJ members next summer for 2012.