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My big takeaway from Thursday’s mid-winter mixer for ThreeSixty Journalism? Get inspired. If you’re not excited about the future of journalism because of the work that YOU are doing, anyone could at least get excited about the work these amazing students are doing.

Pictured: good friend, former Minnesota Daily colleague, and ThreeSixty alum Ibrahim Hirsi, telling the story (via video) of how a high school journalism program planted a seed, that led him to found his own high school newspaper, work for his college paper, and win high profile internships.

I continue to attend ThreeSixty events and volunteer with the program every chance I get — not only because it gave me my start and created opportunities I never dreamed of — because this program is changing the future of journalism. Everyday.

Here’s my shameless pitch: Please consider supporting a program like ThreeSixty in your own community. My #jcarn entry for this month was based around arming teens and students with great journalism skills, and that’s because I see it working with ThreeSixty.

Do all the alumni become journalists? No. But many of them take the communication skills, the inquisitive thinking, and the great belief in communities and do great things.

Four of my 2002 classmates were at the mixer last week (one via video). Nine years later, two of us are in traditional journalism, one writes at the Minnesota Legislature, one works for a Minnesota Senator’s office, and one works with a charter school.

So please. Consider volunteering with students in journalism. What’s the worst that could happen?