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A tribute to INTERNS09! 

Three years ago was my first day as a Washington Post intern. I had two major takeaways from my summer 2009 internship: I learned that while I loved business reporting, I wasn’t the best at or most interested in financial reporting; I also met these incredible people and continue to call many of them friends. 

In a lot of ways, my life has come full circle in three years: I’m in the midst of preparing for a move back to the District at the end of this month — where I plan to reunite with a number of my internship friends. 

So, today I’m taking a minute to raise a glass to these wonderful friends and look back at the past three years with them. 

And my 5-second advice to my friends starting their internships today? Be friendly, be open-minded about your fellow interns. You never know which ones will become lifelong friends.

Some good advice on getting a job from a young journo with a job.

Predictably, I’ll quibble with the part about living in DC. There are amazing opportunities for young journalists in Every. Corner. Of. The. Country.

Journalism students and recent grads shouldn’t be afraid to seek out journalism jobs wherever they may exist, rather than focusing on living in a “dream” city.

**SIDE NOTE: I actually did live in DC when I got my first journalism job (which was also in DC). However, I did so after I turned down a job offer in Guam (yes, that Guam, as in, the one on the other side of the world), and after I applied to jobs all over the country at large, small and medium sized news orgs. So, did living in DC work out for me? Yes. But it definitely wasn’t the only option, and I think I would have been equally successful in another town.**